Collabortive Work

Ilinx presents ‘VI’



August 16, 2013 | Copenhagen

Social housing and attractive apartments, drug trafficking and elite parenting, nostalgic shops and subway construction sites, romantic urban gardens and gentrification on speed. VI [we] is a walk for the masses through the outer Nørrebro area of Copenhagen. A guide leads us through the evening city, in and out of a staged reality. We are alone and we are together. 6 artists have created four unique performances for the route. The works are created specifically for the site and for us who make up the VI of the city.

Ilinx is a mobile platform which creates projects with different artists and researchers in different urban environments. Each time Ilinx focuses on a theme and invite people to reflect about this theme through the creation of a collective work. The first project VI (WE) was been developed with the choreographers Ida-Elisabeth Larsen & Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and focused on mass-phenomenon.
Ilinx is a kind of play which creates a temporary disruption of perception, as with vertigo, dizziness, or disorienting changes in direction of movement.

{ Ideation & Curation} Sofie Volquartz Lebech { Performances by } two-women-machine-show Sara Hamming Seimi Nørregaard Sofie Volquartz Lebech & Pelle Skovmand
{ Producer } René Kruse

{ Graphic design }
Søren Meisner

{ Supported by }
The Danish Arts Foundation
Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg
Nørrebro Lokaludvalg

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