Collabortive Work

Ality w. Jonathan Bonnici



February 16-17, 2018 | UniArts, Helsinki September 24-30, 2018 | Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

ALITY comes from an enduring question about the possibilities of subversion/utopia. We choose to work in the realm of possibles from which concrete instances come into being. The piece is an experiment in indeterminacy, thin images that appear unbidden and glide between the lines of common readability offering spaces for the imagination to exercise.

The bodies are on par with the space as a material available for negotiation. The possibility is for all present elements to offer their energetic subtexts. The performers do not compose, they practice, and in the eschewal of a rationalist determination, new longed for sensations and spaces appear. There is no fiction, no predefined images. Not unlike the experience of staring into the tarot or a kaleidoscope, ALITY is a space of spaces that unfolds the more it is attended to. At Charlottenborg we offer a version of ALITY which is particular to the given space and the bodies present.

{ Concept, choreography & staging } Jonathan Bonnici Marie-Louise Stentebjerg Ida-Elisabeth Larsen { Performers } Jonathan Bonnici Marie-Louise Stentebjerg Ida-Elisabeth Larsen Yu Jin Kim { Guest performer, 2018 } Emilia Gasiorek
{ Sound } S. Rieser

{ Space, textile & costume }
Lea Paulsen

{ Graphic design }
Sam Moore

{ Choreographic assistant }
Amalie Bergstein Nielsen

{ Voice consultant }
Emma Bonnici

{ Channeling consultant }
Sunniva Høgsberg

{ Light consultant }
Jesper Møller

{ Administration }

{ Support } The Danish Arts Foundation Knud Højgaards Fond Beckettfonden Oticon Fonden Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg Carcel

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