About Two-Women-Machine-Show

two-women-machine-show is a project name under which the Danish choreographers Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg have joined forces. They first met at SEAD in 2004 and then again in Copenhagen in 2009, where they are now based. Alongside their duo work they are also founding members of the collective RISK together with the Danish choreographers Marie Topp and Gry Raaby.

Since their first collaboration two-women-machine-show have followed a practice led approach to research, which draws on applied theory, choreography, ritual, and text-based theatre. The performer is a “channeling body”. Information is processed and language is used as the connecting tissue between space and those present.

The duo premiered their latest work TRANS- in March 2015 – a piece made in collaboration with British actor and maker Jonathan Bonnici for Bora Bora’s festival platform New Nordic Dances. In 2016 TRANS- was selected for Berliner Festspiele’s Stückemarkt programme and continues to tour through 2018.

In 2013 and 2014 two-women-machine-show were awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation for their works ‘Mass Hysteria’ and ‘My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder’.

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