PREMIERE + GUEST PERFORMANCES! On the 20th – 25th of January we present our new work My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder at Københavns Musikteater. Again we are sharing space with other artists, who have not been so fortunate to receive funding or who would simply like to share some of there current research with a bigger audience. This principle about sharing space is our way of practising collegial solidarity and creating opportunities for audiences to become acquainted with artists and work they would otherwise not be able to see. With a ticket to our show you will automatically have access to the following:


Monday 20th
PREMIERE: Forerunning (30 min.)
by Marie Topp (DK)


Before a break-out, a race or a blow.
The body in a state of absolute readiness.
High pulse, sweat and adrenaline hits the roof.
The body is ready.
Absolute intense readiness.Forerunning is a part of a series of solos performed throughout 2013-2014 in which Marie Topp researches the state of intense readiness and kinestetic perception. The series has been presented in Dansehallerne, Asterions Hus, Not Festival PB43, K3 Kampnagel Hamburg and Volksroom Bruxelles.

Choreography: Marie Topp Music: Julia Giertz Trailer: Christian Bang Administration: Projektcenteret Danshallerne Info: Thanks: RISK, SPOT-ON/Dansehallerne, MDT Project is supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Statens Kunstråd, Koda-Dramatik


Wednesday 22nd
TALK: Colonel Lars R. Møller (DK)


Lars has been supervising us during the making of My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder regarding the military training system “Battle-Buddy system” and about operational conditions under severe stress. Lars’ input had a big impact on the development of the work itself why we’ve invited Lars to share some of his knowledge this evening. Lars will share some of his personal experiences with how bodies react in extreme conflict situations and talk a little bit about his collaboration with us.
The talk will be in Danish (Duration: 30 min)


Friday 24th
WORK-IN-PROGRESS: Blue Marble (30 min.)
by Julian Barnett & Jocelyn Tobias (US)


Blue Marble is an excerpt from a full-length work that will premiere at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany on March 20-22, 2014.
When astronauts travel into space and see firsthand the reality of the whole Earth from afar, they frequently experience a type of phenomena described as the ‘overview effect’. This perspective of our tiny ‘blue marble’ fragilely hanging in the void, yields a wider vision of humanity where national boundaries vanish and the conflicts that divide people become less relevant. Part science-fiction part archetype, BLUE MARBLE is a performance that paints a voyage which looks at the world from this long-distance perspective. Combining physical and vocal practices that persist within a field of circulation, two people create a theater of proposition to provoke associative and accumulative reflections. Zooming in and out, a world of feedback emerges that challenges how we perceive community and autonomy in both intimate and global ways.


Saturday 25th
WORK-IN-PROGRESS: Scenes of Vice, Horror, & Ecstasy (25 min)
by Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne (PL)


Inspired by the 1923 published writings of Weimar dancers Anita Berber & Sebastian Droste, Magda Tuka has a created three solo vignettes, “Kokain”, “Hangman” and “Manifesto”. The performance will be streamed live from London by the singular dramaturge Myles Stawman (ex-Psychological Art Circus).